360-degree Kehlsteinhaus & Hintereck Virtual Tour

Thanks to Justin Coenders from Studio Sevenum in the Netherlands we can now provide a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour of both the Kehlsteinhaus and the Hintereck Station, covering a number of the key locations and facilities down the Obersalzberg mountain and at the summit in and outside the house itself. With a simple click and sweep of your mouse or keyboard you can transport yourself right there on a bright summer’s day!

The virtual tour is comprised of two sections:

The Hintereck station, with views of the public parking area, restaurant and restaurant terrace, historical documentation centre, ticket office and bus terminal.

The Kehlsteinhaus, with views of the Parkplatz, entrance tunnel and elevator, the main hall (restaurant), exterior views and outside terrace, and the path up towards the Gipfelkreuz.

Just click on one of the thumbnails below to start at the top or from down the mountain – there are detailed instructions when you begin each tour, showing you how to navigate through the scenes. (Each link will open in a new browser window).

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